Developer Operations (DevOps Engineer)

POSITION TITLE: Developer Operations (DevOps Engineer)

DEPARTMENT: Product Development



The DevOps Engineer works for the product and delivery teams to perform day to day service transition across a variety of environments, actively enforcing and developing delivery improvements in aid of both objectives of the product channel and the companies Build and Deployment teams. The DevOps engineer must have an analytical and diagnostic mindset, with the mandate to transition software efficiently and appropriately and actively be engaged in the continual service improvement process. The ultimate aim of the DevOps Engineer is to ensure that the development’s agile methodology is not hindered by missing operational requirements or delays in delivery or software transition. The ability to work to a high standard to tight
deadlines is essential, as well as working closely with key staff across multiple sites.

Internal Customers: Development Channel of Allocation, Build and Deployment Architecture


•Understanding at a technical level and orchestrating the upgrading of large, complex systems across a variety of test, development and production environments.
•Technical release management including performing software deploys to various environments, change request reviews and planning for de-risking deploys.
•Code and Deployment fixes for the assigned channel.
•Enforcement of internal quality guidelines defined by the Build Management Team
•Application of Build Management Team NFRs to product channel.
•Problem Investigation and Management of issues arising in various environments, then assigning to the appropriate technical function to be fixed.
•Maintain support documentation, including deployment procedures, incident records, and a knowledge base.
•Setup and verify working order of system monitors, as established by company standards, the solutions architect, and/or development team lead.
•Support environmental stability issues, including performing server restarts, problem investigation and management, then assign issues to appropriate technical resources to be addressed.
•Follow new server build process to completion, including tracking network changes, then verifying new servers are built to requirements.
•Diagnostics and escalation of problems during transitions and feeding this information back to the Agile development team.
•Documentation and reporting problems for discussion with the Build Management Team.


•Hosting, deploying and working with LAMP (ie. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Java and BASH.
•Ability to implement and manage Apache configurations (ie. 301, wrapper scripts)
•Exposure to a Java environment and Java Technologies (ie. basic grasp of JEE concepts, current technologies and frameworks)
•Exposure to build tools and concepts such as Maven, Ant, Bash/SH.
•Basic programming experience – an understanding of code, and coding concepts.
•Windows administration and investigation skills (ie. Event log, Services, etc.)
•Linux administration and investigation skills (ie. Network diagnostics, services, etc)
•Flexible working attitude to work to tight deadlines and meet SLAs.

Assets: Windows build and refactoring works, particularly MSI, IIS scripting, user and account management.
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